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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ugh. hate my JA supervisor, so freakin annoying. picks on me and my friends just 'cause we're 9th graders. WTF! we weren't even talking..

have the same classes tomorrow as today, ( english, science,french and gym)... 4 of my most hated classes :D karma's a bitch.

just finished watching BOF episode 19... pretty good, but if they dont get together by next week's episodes, i'm gonna shoot myself and jump off a building. LOL my friend was like " Isn't that a little too extreme? i'll just rape the F4 guys" ahahah.

Is there a person where you just hate their laugh? I mean, when someone laughs , its the best. BUt there's this girl in one of my classes whose laugh is so freaking annoying. Her laugh just pisses me off because she sounds like a cross between a witch and someone who's suffercating.
that's just my opinion.

11:16 p.m.