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Monday, April 27, 2009

: ) didn't have time to blog yesterday ><

Anyone watching that new Tawiwanese drama with Vic Zhou (Zaizai)? It's called Black and White.. (forgot the chinese name)
went out to Spring Rolls with my mom yesterday for birthday dinner♥ it's pretty good, and now I'm officially 15 :D heh.
I feel so old xD
only 1 more year 'till my liscence and then I'm gonna go on a road trip with my friends to NYC ^^
HAVE to go to chinese soon, so I'm typing really fast :P

ZOMG. I think I might have the Swine Flu that's going around :S My nose is runny and I can't stop sneezing..@_@

It's freaking hot today... 26degrees xD

5:34 p.m.