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Monday, April 20, 2009

I think I'm gonna have a lot to say today...
Its been rainning here for the past...12 hrs and it's starting to PISS ME OFF! lol. it's just so annoying when you can't even go outside when it's rainning so damn hard!
GUESS WHAT I DID OVER THE WEEKEND??=.=.(forgot to mention it yesterday)
( it's pretty sad, so if you're gonna laugh at me, you better not read this )

sooo I used to have this best friend back in gr.5 but he suddenly moved away and me and this other friend never heard from him again.
I really wanna find him, so I went on the internet...went to 411 searched up his last name, and called every number..( which was like 200 of them) trying to find him :D
His name is Lorax..and LMAO everyone was like ..."WHO? LORA? NO YOU GOT THE WRONG NUMBER!"...
which leads me to that DBSK song .. You got the wrong number

11:02 p.m.