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Friday, May 22, 2009

Did you know that the morning after pill is just like...abortion? Learned about it in Heath Class today. Have a test about it next Friday.:(
I seriously am procastinating wayyyyy too much. Yesterday night, I spend 2hrs on Neopets.== For god's sake, I quit neopets like 4 years ago, and now I'm back on.

Went to the dollar store to get a poster board for my huge,annoying English project, and then literally spent 30 mins, walking around the mall because I didn't know which one to buy...And my friends were dying because I took so long.

Now I must go work on the oh-so-lovely,stupid English project that's worth 15% of the final grade, due on Tuesday, and I still haven't start on it.

6:11 p.m.