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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a hot, hot day today. :)

I think I might be high on root beer, 'cause I drank a lot during lunch time.

^^Season Finale of American Idol Tonight!! I really hope Kris wins 'cause I dont really like Adam...BUT obviously Adam will win.STill. Fingers crossed X)

UGH. so pissed at my math class today, I'll run it down:

Teacher: *after proving angles and stuff* 360 divide 8=?

Me : *Wasnt paying attention* :D

Other kids : 40

Teacher believes, writes down the answer

Me: " WAIT! it doesnt equal 40!. "...

Guy sitting in front of me : "Yes, it is! O_O"

Me: Noooo. "=.= how can 36 divide in 8 as a whole number?"

Another guy: *uses calculator * "'s 45"

People that were wrong : *Silence*

Me: =.=

I wanted to scream out: I TOLD YOU SO!" but then I controlled myself. :P

5:33 p.m.