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Friday, May 1, 2009

You guys like the new layout?

I've decided to go with something simple, and just ...stay with this for a couple of weeks :P.

Can't help it, I always get tired of my old layout, and then I have to change it.

I envy those who can keep theirs for months
The lyrics that are moving over there ---> lol, they're the lyrics to Old School, Hedley. UPDATE: ^^ changed the quotes, 'cause i remembered a much better one, but still go chek Hedley out! They're a Canadian rock band and they're really good.

I have sooooo many ASSingments and tests to do and study :(Although they're only 5 more weeks of school....and then it's SUMMEERRR♥

heh. I'm feeling better now. Now I'll never know if it was the swine flu or not.Thanks to everyone who asked. :) especially Lara


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